Tuesday February 1st, 2000
Vate [V02]

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Music for intermissions…

Intercortes was originally conceived as music for intermissions, small pieces that oscillate between musical compositions and sound experiments. Much of the intercutting is based on the sampling of external sources such as cds, radio and television. Many sources have been digitally processed and twisted. In general, it was a good exercise in modelling sounds based on the remains of other voices.

Music for intermissions, auditory shorts formed from clippings of pieces collected in a dumpster. Assembled sounds, voices of the President, dB’s extracted with impunity from other sources. Assembly process of the Blue Woman with features of Mary Shelley. Stolen exclamations of a Manga and poses of Vicious & Rotten (also something of Beethoven as a counterweight). From the gentle currents of the drainage (the so-called “underground”) there will be manufacturers of blue women willing to contaminate the waters of the great current (the so-called “mainstream”)


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