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What truth or “Vere” is behind Vate’s album? An exhibition and criticism of society

Vate is a musical project and label that comes from Barcelona, ​​Spain. The artist works on a wide range of genres of electronic music, such as electro, ambient and experimental. Among his collaborations, we can mention Galo Tobías, MATIC, 33Canales, Zan Hoffman, Sergi Saldaña, Deus ex Machina, or even Minuit de Lacroix.

Vate has published on Discos Konfort, Sango Music, but also on Socsub and Breathe compilations. A still very mysterious artist, but with a very interesting production power. He demonstrates it on his latest album “Vere” which projects us into his futuristic world. With Vate there is a dynamic introspection under electro tones and sounds reflecting choirs and hearts of our society for poignant results.

“Vere” means Truth

Post-truth, filter bubbles, propaganda, science, facts, rumors, conspiracies, confirmation bias, fake news, false opinions. All this composes Vere according to the artist. This superb album is deciphered as a retro-futuristic mix of sound for action films, science fiction and even video games. A catchy, slow and strongly groovy universe. We feel vibrating with all the distortions and aspirations brilliantly articulated by Vate. The track Chillandgo takes us into a warmer and more sunny landscape unlike the first two tracks which clearly show the dynamic and resolutely modern atmosphere to which Vate wishes to go.

Like an interactive odyssey where from each of our cognitive movements a new sound arises and is activated, the variety of electronic music displayed by the artist is incredible. Always on a very catchy rhythm, one feels virtually possessed.

Difficult to choose one or more favorites

Each piece is unique. We are perhaps looking at Wartime who throws us irremediably on the dance floor. From the first notes, our feet react robotically. By the time we realize it, we can already imagine ourselves dancing with the rhythm in our skin. Vate demonstrates a very wide range of musical influences that makes us twirl around shamelessly.

We will end with an album that is more than effective as we never tire of listening to each song again. Each one being so unique, with well-provided textures and an ingeniously articulated production. At first glance, we would expect a lot of rehearsals from the choice of tones, but on the contrary, the artist Vate knows how to go into detail and surprise us from A to Z.

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