10 de enero de 2005
Vate [V06]


Mezcla de sonidos de cumbia y electro estilo alemán, Diablo fue hecha originalmente para el videohome Cumbia cachonda del director Christian González, junto con otras tres piezas: Cachonda, Cachonda (Foreplay) y Por debajo del agua. Diablo combina el sonido básico de la cumbia, tal y como se suele escuchar en México, con un electro simple y bailable.


«This single (Diablo) is a thing to be recommended to everyone that likes electro music. Diablo very nicely mixes synth-sounds with technobeat. Diablo has unique samples (resembling crickets and other nature sounds) very neatly composed in the Marimba swing. This record is one of my favourite tracks from Volk, and, although the whole LP is a little bit boring (but just a bit ;-), Diablo is definitely one of its highlights. I quite enjoyed listening to remixed versions of this piece. They are quite similar to the original, but it’s not just some beta-version that aren’t good enough to be presented as a complete tune, so one sells it as a remix. They are alternative sets as good as the variant chosen by the artist on the album. I regret that there isn’t any interesting B-side piece different from remixes and that’s why there is nine instead of ten. But well… you can’t have it all. The single deserves Jamendo fans’ interest anyway.»


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