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Vate [E01]


Epoxia is a joint project of Vate and Luar. It started at the beginning of the nineties. Luar conceived some songwriting ideas and Vate contributed in the technical and musical side. The first orientation of their music was rock and from 1997 to 1998 they recorded the primitive versions Soberbia Epiritual and El Hombre Nuevo, with Luar making the lyrics and playing the bass and making the basic layout of the songs and Vate programming and adding the general structure. The project was left alone and later, in 2001, Vate took pieces and samples of those recordings and made the versions that appear in this album, wich eventually became the “official and instrumental” versions of the two original songs. Later, in 2006, at the time of reediting and making sligth alterations to these tracks, Vate produced and added Soberbia Espiritual (Remix) and Hombre Soberbia, wich is made from samples of both tracks and works as a summary of the project.

Epoxia defined by Luar (2006):

“Surely by the affective lacks of my childhood, as an adult I always looked for to scandalize others. I tried to make always an almost extreme creative effort. As time passed by, I developed the theory of an “epoxic world” devoid of logic rules logics and plenty of new ideas, with high creative expressions and all the humor that was possible for me to express.

One day, I tried to express that into music; nevertheless, the result was very different from what I expected.

Along with Vate. I reached the conclusion that electronic music is not done by robots; music must have an intention, express a message and always tell a history. Otherwise, music will only be a series of dead sounds.

Therefore, the music of Epoxia reflects some of my thoughts and deeper desires: to be a new man, to avoid at all costs music wich ends as a collection of moans by lost love and to criticize pride in all its forms. ”


“Epoxia is a joint musical project of electronic sound artists Vate and Luar. It is another fine example of the Mexican electronic music scene. The self-titled album offer four tracks, each being about five minutes in duration, of well structured beats and melodies.
Soberbia Espiritual (Remix) consists of shimmering tones slowing building out of a thunder storm. The sounds transform into a driving beat that carries a feeling of quiet desperation. It the best cut on the album but “Hombre Soberbia” and “El Hombre Nuevo” are also strong tracks with dancable beats and interesting twists.”
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“After I had listened Epoxia for the first time, I thought that I’m listening to some Kraftwerk-like, Vate-similar production. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s true that they Epoxia is one of Vate’s bands and both composers, Vate and Luar, have some inclinations towards Kraut-electro, but the resemblances end here. Epoxia creates a style completely different from Vate’s one, although it’s still cool, rhythmical electronica, it’s different and, what’s more important, very much creative.
My favourite tune are both versions of Soberbia Spiritual. It really rocks (although guitar samples are very subtle here), and it really flows, the way I like it. It doesn’t mean that another tunes are useless. Hombre Soberbia is really rhytmical, and El Hombre Nuevo is extremely melodic.”


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